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In our travels around the states of Louisiana and Mississippi, we are often outside. There’s a lot to do outside in the south. There are musical events, art festivals, plantations as well as other historical monuments, and who could forget the crawfish boils? T here’s one more thing that Louisiana and Mississippi bring and that is hot humid weather. Whether it’s taking pictures for, or discovering the deep stories of Louisiana, one product our team has come to rely on is a Louisiana-based products Cool Blue.

The Acadiana company has been burning up business by people cool.In the Sportsman’s paradise that is Louisiana, Fisherman and Hunters alike, quietly cool down with Cool Blue. Body Builders, Lineman, and performers on stage under the hot lights keep themselves cool with the various cool blue products. The spray bottle alone is a must have for athletics. Imagine being in the fourth quarter with the game on the line. In the heat of the game with everything on the line, you have seconds, not minutes, to cool down. Cool Blue will cool you down quickly.

As for us at Parish65, we often find ourselves miles from any air conditioning. Historical areas, nature trails, and the hot sidewalks of the French Quarters give us a lot of opportunities to use product

We’ll continue to keep ourselves stocked up so that we can be the coolest website in Louisiana. Whether we are out jamming to the tunes belted out by The Molly Ringwalds or deep in the Bayou on a Swamp Tour, we keep Cool Blue Products on hand.

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